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Al-Ameen Organic and Raw Honey range are fully certified and our beekeepers keep detailed records ensuring full traceability. Our honey comes from individual beekeepers and is never a blend of honeys. Not all organic honey is raw - AL-Ameen Organic Honey range is Organic and Raw.

Organic Raw Wild
Forest Honey

Our Organic & Raw Wild Forest Honey comes from the amazing mountainous region of Spain. It is known to be among one of the honeys high in antioxidant qualities. Flavour is unique - a combination of sophistication and mystery...

Most nourishing for the organs when mixed with a glass of water at room temperature first thing in the morning.

Organic Bee Pollen 110g

Single source origin and not a blend

Organic Bee Pollen, Natures health supplement. Delicious with smoothies, yogurt and honey, Pollen has been taken as a natural food supplement for thousands of years. Packed with B vitamins and rich in anti-oxidants. Bee pollen contains a variety of vitamins minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids including Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Protein and Fibre.

Raw Greek Honey
with Organic Saffron 400g

Our Award winning Raw Greek Honey infused with Organic Saffron. An amazing combination and pure luxury. Our Organic Saffron from Kozani is the best in the world as it comes from a protected origin. Saffron is renowned for its health benefits. This is truly an outstanding product that must be tasted to be believed. A pure health tonic. Especially when mixed in a glass of milk.

Raw Sidr Honey

Exclusive to Al-Ameen - this rare and highly sought after honey is prized in the Middle East for its healing and medicinal benefits.

Al Ameen Sidr Honey has :

Pure luxurious taste
Highly potent
Raw & pure
Natural aphrodisiac
Raw Kashmiri Acacia Honey

This honey falls into one of Al-Ameens Prestigious Honey categories.

Our beehives are placed in the heaven-kissed locations of the world - Kashmir. It is truly one of the most spectacular parts of the world.

Produced solely for Al-Ameen Royal Honey - by the buzzing bees and our dedicated second generation family of beekeepers. Raw, unaltered and in its purist form.

Raw 10+ Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is one of the most famous honeys in the world. It is a beautiful, delicious tasting honey with high antioxidant properties and well known for its remarkable anti-bacterial healing powers.

Gift Box Set
Enjoy two of our best selling honeys.
40g Organic Raw Acacia
40g Organic Raw Wild Forest Honey
Exclusive of gift Box and gift bag
Or send it as a gift to a special person in your life.
Other organic varieties available
Organic Infusions
Organic Honey with Royal Jelly
Organic Honey with Propolis
Organic Honey with Bee Bread

Please call for Individual orders, Wholesale orders and re-branding enquiries.

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